Home for Dinner & Baking Programs

– Saskatoon House

Bringing families Home for Dinner

The Home for Dinner program, at the Saskatoon House, is a wonderful gift for our families, providing kindness and support during a very stressful time in their lives.

This group volunteer activity plays a significant role in creating a warm and comfortable environment for our families. Volunteers have the opportunity to act as an ambassador of the Saskatoon House as they work closely with our team to provide meals for our guests.

Depending on the menu, the cost to host ranges from $200 – $500.

We value teamwork and collaboration and are so grateful for every person that helps make Home for Dinner possible.

Prep Time

Your group has the opportunity to create the menu and bring your own special touch to the evening. Typically, we encourage groups to keep it simple and comfort food related.

Group volunteers must be minimum of 16 years of age and accompanied by an adult, group size is recommended at 6 individuals, accommodations may be made on an individual basis and dependent on group volunteer opportunity.

In your group planning, you may want to discuss who in the group brings skills and strengths in the areas of menu planning, grocery shopping, cooking, and clean-up.

In the week prior to the scheduled meal, a representative from your group will visit the House for an orientation to help you feel comfortable in preparation of the meal.

Cooking Time

There will be a staff and volunteer host with you for the duration of your event. They will help guide you in safe food handling, processes and protocols, and will act as a liaison between your group and the families. We have well-equipped kitchens and large commercial fridges and freezers. During the summer months, an outdoor BBQ is also available.

All food has to be prepared on site as per safe food guidelines. 

Please read our information package for full food handling, preparation and storage guidelines, as well as some ideas for menu planning.

Dinner Time

Supper is served from 5:30pm-6:30pm Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday evenings. A weekend brunch or supper is also available depending on staff availability. 

Once the Home for Dinner date is confirmed, families will be invited to attend. The number of people staying in the House can change daily, but we typically serve supper for 60-80 individuals. 

After the meal is prepared and families have enjoyed the meal, your group is welcome to sit down with one another and enjoy the meal as well before your group finishes dishes and cleaning your workspaces. 

Keep in mind that families staying at the House have hectic schedules running back and forth to the hospital. If they are not present, families are able to enjoy the meals when they return, available in the Community Pantry. 

Catering a meal

If your group does not have the time to prepare a Home for Dinner, consider catering a meal from your favourite local restaurant. You can cater a meal to the Saskatoon House and the Prince Albert Family Room. RMHC-SK staff and volunteers would be happy to support your meal by serving the families on your behalf.

Let’s get cooking

If this type of volunteer opportunity appeals to your group, please do not hesitate to call or email our Food Program Coordinator to discuss details and ideas.